About Robin Phillips


Hi Everyone! Here is where I get to tell you a bit about myself, the man behind the blog.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wife, Esther, and my three children, Matthew, Timothy and Susanna. I love reading novels, going on long hikes, listening to classical music, experimenting with essential oils, playing board games, watching and discussing movies, and reading poetry out loud with friends (currently I am going through a Longfellow stage).

My professional life is comparatively less interesting, but here goes. I am the author of Saints and Scoundrels (Canon Press, 2011), I hold a Ph.M. in historical theology from King’s College London and I am currently working on a Masters’ in Library Science through the University of Oklahoma, with the aim of eventually becoming an academic librarian. I have worked as a contributor for a variety of different publications, including Touchstone Magazine, Salvo Magazine, The Colson Center, World Net Daily and North Wind: A Journal of George MacDonald Studies. I have been invited to speak throughout the world at both popular and academic conferences and have made multiple appearances on radio and television, in addition to having my work featured in over 60 media outlets, including ABC News, Fox and Sky News. Past speaking topics have ranged from the metaphysics of technology to the music of J.S. Bach. Past jobs have included teaching history to high school students, working as a ghost-writer (and no, that doesn’t mean I write scary stories), instructing teachers in mindfulness practices and working as a writer in the mental health industry to help counselors, psychologists, social workers and MFT’s prepare for their licensing exams. Academic positions have included leading tutorials on 19th century history at King’s College London, and working on curriculum development for the Masters programs of Argosy University, Antioch University, Benedictine University, Valparaiso University and Central Michigan University. Currently, I run a firm offering research and writing services to corporate clients, in addition to working as a wellness consultant with Young Living, and trying to finish my second book titled How to Accept Yourself, Live at Peace and Experience the Good Life … even when everything is going wrong: devotional principles on gratitude, love, and peace of mind. (I am also writing a book on Gnosticism.)

A copy of my professional resume, including a selected list of publications, can be downloaded HERE.

I want to thank the people at Salvo Magazine for letting my website reside here, and I especially would like to clarify that the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of The Fellowship of Saint James.