The Robin & Boom Show #05 – Classical Education and Emotional Wellness

What is classical education? How can the liberal arts fortify children against anxiety, depression and addiction? What was Charlotte Mason’s contribution to classical education? These are some of the questions that Robin and Jason explore with this week’s guest, Michael d’Esterre. Michael is a clinical social worker in Spokane Washington, who is turning to the liberal arts to find answers to some of our society’s most pressing problems, including mental disorders and addiction.

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The Robin & Boom Show #04 – Discussion With Keith Pimental on Tribalism

Jason and Robin are joined by Keith Pimental to discuss tribalism. They explain what tribalism is and why it’s a problem in America today. During this conversation you will learn what parents and educators can do to develop critical thinking among the youth, what the difference is between critical thinking and wisdom, and why critical thinking by itself is not enough for human flourishing.

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The Robin & Boom Show #02 – Politics in America and Europe

Jason Van Boom and Robin Phillips discuss the political climate in America and Europe, including areas of difference and cross-fertilization. During this conversation they explore the importance of symbols, metanarratives, tribalism, and operational philosophical assumptions that animate contemporary public discourse.

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The Robin & Boom Show #01 – Children and Screen Time

In this premier episode of their new podcast, Robin Phillips and Jason Van Boom discuss a recent study showing no correlation between a child’s well-being and time spent on technology. But is this study really as conclusive as the media is making out? And what can we learn about the role of studies in our culture? Robin and Jason also discuss why they are launching this podcast and what they plan to discuss on future episodes.

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The Robin & Boom Show #00 – Test Episode

Robin Phillips and Jason Van Boom have some fun while discussing their plans to launch a podcast. They also discuss the continued relevance of philosophical debates that occurred during the Middle Age. 

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Complete List of my Colson Center Articles

Readers occasionally approach me with requests for links to the articles I wrote for the Chuck Colson Center. From 2011 to 2014, I maintained columns at the Center, usually supplying three articles a month. These articles endeavored to apply the Christian worldview to areas that included art, music, culture, philosophy, relationships and theology.

Earlier this year the Center had to migrate their content over to a new server, and unfortunately they had a limited amount of time in which to do so. Lots of archives were lost during this process, including all of my articles.

Since I still have the files for these articles on my computer, I am trying to upload all of them to this website, retroactively dating them to the time they were originally published. As you will see, I haven’t had time to upload all of them, as this is a project I work on now and again as I have time. Please be patient until all of them are uploaded.

Perspectives Column

Ancient Paths Column

  • Not Redemption from the World, but Redemption of the World
  • Resurrection
  • Dwelling on the Lighter Side
  • Waiting with Burning Oil
  • The Faith of Mary
  • Maintaining Conjugal Love (1)
  • Maintaining Conjugal Love (2)
  • Maintaining Conjugal Love (3)
  • The Powerful Tongue
  • Longsuffering in the Christian Life
  • Christ is the Solution to Grumbling

Changepoint Column

Worldview Column